Tools To Help Teach Your Kids About Money

It's our job as parents to help prepare our kids for their eventual financial future.  And, hands-down, the best way to teach kids how to manage money is to give them money to manage!  It's all about real experiences with real money. 

Our kids have a huge advantage over us.  Time.  They are also lucky because they're starting with a clean slate.  Now is the perfect time to introduce them to the ideas of allowance, saving, earning, budgeting, and investing money.

Did you know that most kids learn about managing money from you, their parents, whether or not you've made an attempt to teach them?  Kids are great observers; it's how they learn.  What is your attitude towards money?  How were you taught to manage your money?  Take a moment to reflect on your money experiences with My Money Reflections.  Then come back and click on the tools above and let's get your kids ready to take on the financial opportunities and challenges that await them!


KidsMoneyConnexions, created by Kidnexions, offers parents and teachers tools to help teach kids how to prepare for their financial future.

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