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Author: Karyn Hodgens

Author: Karyn Hodgens

Author Bio:

Karyn started her teaching career in 1987. She is passionate about creating curriculum that is relevant, meaningful, and interesting to students. The more connections the activities have to students' daily lives, the greater the learning. This philosophy about kids and learning is the foundation for all the activities in her first book, Raised for Richness, a parent guide to teaching kids money. Within months of being published, it garnered the 2010 NAPPA Gold Award in the parenting resources category.

While parents frequently teach kids to mind their manners, wash behind their ears, and study hard, they must also teach them how to be smart with money. It is up to parents to make the first move, because when it comes to educating sons and daughters on dollars and cents, financial literacy begins at home. It begins with communication and hands-on experience, and it starts within these pages. Families are given the tools to lead their children to richness in money - and in life.

This guide is for parents with children between the ages of six and sixteen who want to:

  • initiate meaningful family dialogue about money and life
  • show kids how to be responsible for managing their own money
  • eliminate the power struggles while shopping with their kids
  • get kids excited about earning and saving money
  • teach children to reflect on who they are and what they want out of life
Raised for Richness Nappa Gold award

Raised for Richness received the 2010 NAPPA Gold Award from the National Parenting Publications Awards in the parenting resources competition!

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Editorial Reviews

"I found myself nodding in agreement with Karyn Hodgens' book Raised for Richness. Her philosophy is in tune with my own on such things as giving an allowance, teaching kids to save, and using debit vs. credit cards. And Hodgens hits the nail on the head when she says that kids like it when it's all about them. Or as I like to put it, parents need to learn to think like a kid. Hodgens gives them plenty of opportunities with hands-on, family-friendly activities and conversation starters."

-Janet Bodnar, Editor of Kiplinger's Personal Finance

"This book takes families a big step beyond the usual allowance advice. Author Karyn Hodgens understands that financial literacy isn't just about money: it's about emotions and values, too. So, she gives topics for dinner-table discussions and written exercises for reflection, such as knowing your own money personality, that work with children from ages 6 to 16. If you think you're just going to be teaching your kids stuff you already know, guess again. Unless you are an expert in finance, you will definitely learn something - all our judges did. Perhaps most importantly, you will also learn about your own attitudes about money and how they impact what you pass onto your children."


"Delightful and short, this easy-reading guide will help you and your children develop healthy money habits."

-Kathy Kristof, author of Investing 101

"An excellent primer for parents to help raise money-savvy kids who have a balanced, comprehensive view of wise use of their financial resources, and how to use money to reflect their values and the things they care about. You'll do well to buy this book, and to share it with your friends."

-Olivia Mellan, author of Money Harmony and Money Shy to Money Sure

"When it comes to talking to kids about money, most parents fumble the ball. There are everyday opportunities to teach our children the financial ABCs, and this book provides plenty of useful pointers on how to broach the topic. Not only will your children benefit in the long run by developing money smarts at a young age, but Mom and Dad might learn a thing or two as well about saving, budgeting and setting goals."

-Steve Rosen, nationally syndicated author of the 'Kids & Money' column and an assistant business editor at The Kansas City Star

"I highly recommend that every parent sit down with their children and go through Raised for Richness together. It is filled with practical activities that will help your family create a game plan on important issues such as: how to handle allowance, developing a workable savings plan, getting your child thinking about investing, and much more. When you complete this workbook, you can feel good knowing that the lessons you have picked up and shared with your son or daughter will benefit them for a lifetime."

-Vince Shorb, National Youth Financial Educators Council

"Video review of Raised for Richness"

-Sarah Cook, founder of Raising CEO Kids

"Video blog review of Raised for Richness"

-Kathleen Burns Kingsbury, KBK Wealth Connection

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Parent Reviews

"My husband and I found the book to be extremely busy parent friendly. It was balanced, clear, and we were able to implement the strategies immediately."

-Yvonne, parent and third grade teacher

"After reading the section on earning money, my son got a job picking up pinecones for the neighbor. She offered five cents per pinecone with placement in a green can on her driveway. 30 pinecones = $1.50. He loved it!"

-Marcie, parent

"What a GREAT guide, very common sense, down to earth, and VALUE BASED. It is to be used over and over again for years, with dialogue ideas that should occur regularly. The activities and worksheets really help US focus on what's important, as well as our son, and they really helped guide us in helping him create a way to be responsible and effective in creating money goals, NEEDS vs. WANTS, and good guidelines to establish effective behaviors for himself."

-Juliana and Randy, parents

"I really like how the approach is not just on money but on values."

-Ingrid, parent

"Giving the girls an allowance and making them responsible for their own money and personal expenses was immediately effective after the first store trip. The kids already questioned if a trinket was worth spending their money on. We've been searching for an effective way to handle allowances. This has been great!"

-Lisa, parent and third grade teacher

"We love how the book is organized and it prompted my husband and I to have good conversations about our money philosophy."

-Erin, parent

"Thinking about my childhood money experiences certainly solidified/clarified impressions that I had of my young exposure to money. The best thing it did was to emphasize that we need to give the boys some money to manage."

-Jim and Kim, parents

"I like the many examples and worksheets provided in the book. They make it easier to implement the suggestions and ideas."

-Lynn and James, parents

"Raised for Richness not only offers practical, easy money-handling advice for both parents and children: Ms. Hodgens' book reads as if one is speaking to a good friend while waiting in the carpool line at school, or chatting casually over coffee. The voice is familiar and unpretentious, and the lessons brief and easy to comprehend. Raised for Richness will give confidence to any parent ready to teach their children about the principles and values of money through actions, rather than simply words."

-Patty, parent and librarian

"Raised for Richness will bring out thoughtful, caring kids, as well as saving!"

-Juliana, parent

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