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With its colorful graphics and easy-to-use interface, KidsSave provides a fun way to introduce kids to basic money management concepts like:

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KidsSave includes these great features:

  • Quick and easy account set up in less than one minute
  • Customize account settings for each of your children
  • Automatic allowance payouts - so you don't have to remember
  • Provide interest and matching incentives that encourage saving money
  • Fun themes, sounds and PIN allow your child to personalize their account
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KidsSave at a Glance

Play the role of the Banker
As the Banker, you can set up an Account for each of your children. Each Account can have its own allowance, reward and other settings.

Set Goals
Have Bubbles, our money wizard, help guide your kids in creating and monitoring personal financial goals.

Count Money
The KidsSave Money Counter is the perfect tool to either help kids learn how to count money or make it easier for them to count a pile of coins and bills. Available in US, Canadian and Australian currencies!

Click here to see the online version of the Money Counter.

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Check Account Activity
Kids can see a graphical view of their account activity over time. Watching their account grow gives them confidence in saving their money.

Ask 'What If?'
A unique feature of the KidsSave program is the What If? section. Kids can try out different savings scenarios and get motivated when they see how their money can grow into the future.

Make it Personal
Kids can personalize their account with their own PIN, bank style and sound theme.

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